Sanitary blocks – Prefabricated bathrooms

INSTA-BLOC sanitary blocks are produced using lightweight concrete or a lightweight design and are designed and furnished according to the customer’s wishes.


INSTA-BLOC prefabricated bathrooms are ideally suited to building constructions in the hotel and accommodation sector.

The disability-adapted construction and any disability-adapted fittings ensure that INSTA-BLOC sanitary blocks can also be used for hospitals, retirement homes and health resorts.


The fact that these facilities can be combined with INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall sections means that they also offer all the fire protection and sound insulation benefits of the bathroom wall sections.


INSTA-BLOC prefabricated bathrooms with GRP surfaces can even be dismantled and the constituent parts introduced into the building structure; this means they are ideally suited to renovations.

The benefits at a glance
  • Reduction in construction time
    due to products being independent of the shell construction

  • Warranty from a single source
    for all services

  • A high standard of quality
    due to industrial production

  • Simplified building planning and scheduling
    due to "just in time" deliveries

  • Customer requests fulfilled
    for planning and furnishing

  • Completely furnished
    for immediate start-up
INSTA-BLOC sanitary blocks "ZB"

INSTA-BLOC "ZB" sanitary blocks are lightweight concrete prefabricated bathrooms, designed and produced according to project-specific requirements.


INSTA-BLOC "ZB" prefabricated bathrooms are completely installed, tiled and furnished with the requested components and accessories. Even during the erection of the shell construction, considerable time is saved during construction due to the floor-by-floor installation of the INSTA-BLOC prefabricated bathrooms.


This self-contained space has outstanding sound insulation.


Simple planning, construction management and invoicing, precise and customer-orientated production, reduced installation times and reduced expenditure on construction costs are just a few of the many benefits offered by the INSTA-BLOC lightweight concrete sanitary blocks.


For water supply and disposal, an INSTA-BLOC sanitary wall can be integrated in which all risers and downpipes are incorporated with fireproofing and sound insulation.

INSTA-BLOC sanitary blocks "ZL"

INSTA-BLOC "ZL" lightweight construction sanitary blocks are characterised above all by their very thin walls and lightweight construction.


Our project-specific planning and production mean that we can respond to individual customer requirements and deliver the most user-friendly product possible.


INSTA-BLOC lightweight construction blocks are introduced into the shell (of a new build or renovation) with a construction crane or a heavy lift truck through corresponding openings in the building. The sanitary blocks are brought to the installation site by a transport vehicle. They are then assembled and connected.


INSTA-BLOC lightweight sanitary blocks can also be combined with the INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall sections, offering all the fire protection and sound insulation benefits of the bathroom wall sections.

INSTA-BLOC sanitary blocks "ZK"

INSTA-BLOC "ZK" sanitary facilities are prefabricated bathrooms in a GRP sandwich construction that can be disassembled.


We have a wide range of different sizes, models and colours available to cater to individual, custom designs.


The sanitary blocks are manufactured using glass-fibre reinforced polyester with scratch-resistant resin colouring and an optimised, compact design.


Due to their extremely lightweight construction, INSTA-BLOC "ZK" sanitary blocks are ideally suited to renovations and can be introduced into a building in one piece or as a series of disassembled parts.

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