sanitary moduls

INSTA-BLOC sanitary modules are made using compressed PU integral rigid foam.


The installation system that allows for custom sanitary room design and easy installation of wall-mounted sanitary equipment.


Sanitary modules are available as standard products as well as project-specific installation modules. They are compact and have various attachment options for both pre-wall and in-wall installation.


The factory pre-treated surfaces of the sanitary modules can be tiled or coated directly, creating a comparatively thinner wall.

The benefits at a glance
  • Simplified planning and calculations

  • Easy handling and quick installation
    due to pre-assembly of accessories at the factory

  • Continuous quality control

  • Sound insulation integrated into the mounting system
    the customer therefore does not need to take sound insulation measures

  • Installation duct to conceal cable routing

  • Made using PU integral rigid foam
    high dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy

  • Surface that allows for direct tiling or coating

  • Foamed-in metal sections 
    for installation in reinforced steel wall systems
"SBK" system

Sanitary modules as standard products:


INSTA-BLOC "SBK" sanitary modules are off-the-shelf sanitary modules, compact in size and with various attachment options.


The in-built mounting system means that wall-mounted sanitary facilities can be installed easily, securely and accurately.


INSTA-BLOC sanitary modules can be used for pre-wall and in-wall installations in both solid and dry-lined constructions.


price list

"SBV" system

INSTA-BLOC "SBV" sanitary modules are tailored to individual projects, designed and produced according to the customer’s wishes.


INSTA-BLOC "SBV" sanitary modules are custom-made products with a great variety of designs and features, taking into account all the requirements of the construction project’s building services.


INSTA-BLOC "SBV" sanitary modules are suitable for pre-wall as well as in-wall installation.

It is possible to install risers and UP fittings, as well as disability-adapted designs and features.

Professional renovation

The INSTA-BLOC WC renovation module was developed especially for subsequent WC renovations and allows you to easily and quickly convert a floor-mounted WC into a wall-mounted one.




  • Completely concealed installation channel for cable routing that can be performed by the customer

  • Double-sided cutting check for easy and precise installation

  • Direct, sound-insulated bolting to the wall for optimal stability

  • Mounted directly on the finished floor

  • Entire module with factory pre-treated surfaces for direct tiling or coating

  • Bevelled edges for optimal mounting, e.g. for chamfers

  • Opening at the WC outlet bend for flexible drain routing


Installation and cost savings: 

  • A wide range of accessories to meet all installation requirements

  • No need for brick lining or padding

  • No need for a bricklayer or drywall builder

  • Designed for all popular types of ceramic
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