sanitary walls

INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall sections in lightweight concrete are storey-high installation elements which are planned and fabricated for each project.


All necessary risers and downpipes as well as supply and waste pipes, waste traps and fittings can be integrated in the factory.


INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall sections have been tried and tested over many years in residential and hotel buildings, staff residences and retirement homes, office and administration buildings as well as in hospitals.


Advanced installation technology is fitted according to the requirements of the client and planner, in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations. For example, heating and drinking water pipes can be fitted with shut-off/control valves and/or distribution/sensor valves and integrated into almost any pipe system.


The necessary fixtures for contemporary bathroom and indoor installations, e.g. wall-mounted toilets, washbasins, showers, heating systems, ventilation systems and much more can be permanently integrated and ensure the rapid, structured and cost-effective completion of the building installation and construction work.


Risers for water, heating, air conditioning etc. can be routed in protective covers and so remain replaceable.

Technology in detail
  • Self-supporting, storey-high installation element in expanded clay porous lightweight concrete
    manufactured according to strict in-house and external quality controls

  • Fire protection EI120 certified
    no fire sealing required due to the lightweight concrete
    encasing of the installation

  • Certified sound insulation
    excellent sound insulation through full lightweight concrete sections

  • More room space and utility space
    since there is no need for shaft walls

  • Directly tileable and coatable surface
    no additional dry-lining required

  • Variable riser installation
    Risers for sanitary/heating/air conditioning services can also be routed in protective covers
    and enable the supply risers to be extended at a later date

  • Fixtures can be tiled
INSTA-BLOC sanitary wall "SWT"

The INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall section "SWT" is floor-mounted as an apartment or room partition wall and can be fitted with equipment on one or both sides.


Due to its excellent sound insulation and fire protection properties (EI120), the INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall section "SWT" is especially suited to use in hotels, office or administration buildings, clinics or in residential buildings.

INSTA-BLOC sanitary wall "SWV"

INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall sections "SWV" are installed in front of load-bearing walls and fitted with all necessary connections and fittings.


Due to its thin wall thickness and the resulting gain in utility space, the INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall section "SWV" is best used where space is limited.

INSTA-BLOC sanitary wall "SWS"

The INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall section "SWS" is installed instead of an installation shaft. All functions of traditional shaft installations, together with structural shaft partitions and facings are retained.


The INSTA-BLOC bathroom wall section "SWS" offers all the benefits of fire protection and sound insulation.

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