Tub liners

INSTA-BLOC PU rigid foam tub liners are connected directly to the shower base or bathtub at the factory and are suited to all popular brands and models. INSTA-BLOC tub liners are functional, sophisticated, and due to their minimal weight they are also easy to transport and install. INSTA-BLOC tub liners have outstanding heat and sound insulation characteristics.


Accessories such as adapters for niche filling pieces, borders or steps for bathtubs are available. 

In order to make installation easier, all tub liners are manufactured with a prefabricated installation slot for bath sets, tillers and overflow fittings – cutting bits out on site is no longer required. 

Recesses for connection cables and inspection openings can easily be installed.

Impressive benefits
  • Suited to all popular bathtubs and shower trays
    made from sheet steel or plastic

  • Suited to all shapes with projecting structures and superstructures

  • Directly assembled through foaming at the factory and therefore completely dimensionally stable

  • Ageing and temperature-resistant

  • No condensation
    between tub and tub liner due to immediate foaming, prevents mould formation

  • Lightweight for ease of transport

  • Direct installation onto floor screed or raw ceiling
    no need for mounting stands or brickwork

  • Easy installation of bath sets and tillers
    due to prefabricated installation slots

  • Tub liners can be tiled or coated directly
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